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Your favorite corner café in Weesatche, Texas!

Basket of onion rings, fries or battered fries, hot wings, poppers and so much more

Senior burger, the Weesatche burger, the "world famous" John Wayne burger, Grilled chicken on sourdough, BLT on texas toast, chicken-fried Steak on sourdough and more

Strips, grilled, chicken fried and hand-breaded Weesatche Fried Chicken

Steaks, pork, chicken fried steak, enchiladas and so much more delicious food.

Gulf shrimp fried or grilled, catfish fried or grilled, or try the seafood platter

Grilled cheese, corn dogs, burgers, chicken and more. They can't talk back if their mouths are full.

Crispy chicken chef, grilled chicken chef, grilled shrimp chef, house, enchilada and more